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Odor Control

ET is and has been dedicated to implement procedures that substantially reduce the odors generated at the SRS. The SRS is a unique facility that treats a variety of waste streams that have the potential to generate different types of odors. ET continues to take many different approaches to reduce the odors from the SRS. We are constantly looking for new ways to do this. ET has invested and continues to invest substantial capital on odor control equipment and chemicals. Here are some of the ways ET reduces odor from the SRS:

  • Requires the addition of an enzyme-based odor control chemical to municipal waste solids before ET will accept them at the SRS.
  • Installed and optimized an odor control perimeter misting system, a leading technology to reduce odor.
  • Reduces and rejects waste streams that may cause too much odor.
  • Modifies operational procedures to minimize potential odor generation.
  • Applies odor control chemicals to the surface of the soil/waste mixture to reduce potential odors.